Sonnet Psychological, LLC is a practice composed of doctoral-level psychologists with offices in Freeport, Maine.

About Us

Sonnet Psychological, LLC is a practice composed of doctoral-level psychologists with offices in Freeport, Maine

Dr. David C. Lilly

Dr. David C. Lilly


We decided to form Sonnet Psychological to develop a local resource for specialized care.  There are specific protocols in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that controlled research trials have been shown are particularly effective in treating anxiety, depression, and some eating disorders.


Dr. Farhana Shah

Dr. Farhana Shah

These approaches have been tested extensively offer a combination of effectiveness and low relapse risk that appears to be superior to other forms of psychotherapy or to medication.  We specialize in these treatments.  Additionally, Dr. Shah has extensive expertise in assessment and treatment of autism-spectrum diagnoses.

Our goal is to make well-researched treatments available in a warm, supportive, and private environment.  Check the research.  We’ve provided summaries of information on this web site.  We also make every effort to keep up to date with new research as it’s published.  Call and talk to us.  See if we are a good fit for you in terms of personality and communication.

If we don’t have the right answers for you, we’ll try our best to help you get in touch with someone who does.

 . . our message is to remind our field that psychology is not just the study of pathology, weakness, and damage; it is also the study of strength and virtue.  Treatment is not just fixing what is broken; it is nurturing what is best.  Psychology is not just a branch of medicine concerned with illness or health; it is much larger.  It is about work, education, insight, love, growth, and play.  And in the quest for what is best, positive psychology does not rely on wishful thinking, faith, self-deception fads, or hand waving; it tries to adapt what is best in the scientific method to the unique problems that human behavior presents to those who wish to understand it in all its complexity.

Seligman, M.E.P., & Csikszentmihalyi, M. (2000). “Positive psychology: An introduction.”  American Psychologist, 55, 1, pps. 5-1

With love and sadness we wish to share that Sophie passed away on February 3rd.